A new title called Team Sonic Racing will start the service globally on May 21st, 2019. The game is designed and will be published for PlayStation 4 (Sony), Switch (Nintendo) consoles and PC via Steam. For consoles, the company offers both physical disc/cartridge and digital license, players can choose one out of three editions to purchase the game including: Standard, DX Pack and DX Pack 3D Crystal Set with the prices are ¥5,990/copy, ¥10,090/pack and ¥13,590/pack respectively, all are tax excluded (※NOTE: This is Japanese Yen, the currency may change based on buyer’s region, plus some retailers may offer cheaper price). DX Pack consists of x1 copy of the game, x1 postcard box, x2 rock glasses, x1 motel keychain, x2 flat pouches. DX Pack 3D Crystal Set is same as DX Pack but adds x1 3D crystal, however sample image isn’t shared yet. For Steam, they offer only digital license with Standard edition, players can purchase directly via Steam software/app with the price is ¥5,990/license (※NOTE: The currency may change based on buyer’s region, plus Steam may make the price more affordable for some countries based on their living costs). The game follows sport genre, exactly is racing style with cartoon-style art under 3D graphics. It supports up to four players in local mode and up to 12 players in online mode.