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Tales of the Neon Sea would be coming to PC via Steam service on April 30th, 2019, the publisher Zodiac Interactive and the developer Palm Pioneer reported. The game may be able to play on consoles such as Playstation 4 (Sony) or Switch (Nintendo) in the future. However, the important information is still staying undisclosed, like which console is really in development or when it will be published. The game has been started as crowdfunding project on Kickstarter since August 2018, so normally players can get a copy of the game by making a pledge at a certain amount of money via its Kickstarter page. But currently the developer is no longer taking pledges, so the only way to get the game now is directly purchase it via Steam service after release date as there are neither pre-order nor exact price. Though, for players who are considering between the purchase or not, can take a closer look via demo version on Steam service. The game follows adventure genre mixed with side-scrolling and point-and-click puzzle elements. It also holds a very distinct and colour vibrant pixel-style art under 2D graphics.