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Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince will launch worldwide in Fall 2019, Frozenbyte reported as the developer of the game. The teaser trailer is already posted on its official website. This title will be released for PlayStation 4 (Sony), Xbox One (Microsoft), Switch (Nintendo) consoles and PC via Steam by Modus Games. The publisher offers both physical disc/cartridge and digital license at the price of $29.99 (tax excluded), for players who pre-order the game will receive a physical Trine world map as reward. In additional, they also offers Trine: Ultimate Collection limited package for PS4, Xbox and PC at the price of $49.99 (tax excluded), including x4 game copies of the complete Trine series, x1 physical Trine world map, x1 reversible cover sheet, x1 download code of Trine series original soundtrack, x1 download code of Trine 4 artbook (※NOTE: The currency used in this post is US Dollar, it may change based on buyer’s region, plus some retailers may offer cheaper price). Just like other titles in the series, it still follows action RPG genre, side-scrolling style. While Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power has its whole graphics featured under 3D models, this title is more similar to the 1st title in the series as only characters and objects are featured under 3D, but all background images are described by 2D art.