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CAVE just revealed that Devil Book will start the service on January 8th, 2019 in Japan. The game is designed for Android and iOS platforms by the joint development between NGELGAMES and STARTER, and will be published by CAVE Interactive. The publisher didn’t reveal any plan regarding to global release yet, so if deciding to play, players have to download via Japan Play Store or third-party app, plus the language in game is Japanese. According to the information written on the official website, it will be launched as free-to-play with in-app purchases (estimated price range: ¥120/item¥9,800/item, ※NOTED: This is Japanese Yen, the currency may change based on buyer’s region), there is a high chance that gacha system will be implemented just like other mobile games. The game follows MMORPG and owns an anime-style art under 2D graphics with all characters in game are featured in their chibi forms, especially all the works used in game are hand drawn works. For combat system, each hero/monster in-game will have exactly one type, there are three types which work based on rock–paper–scissors rule, so if want to win the battle or complete the mission, player has to carefully choose three heroes to build a team based on monster type, during combat, player can switch between those heroes to activate their unique active skills to damage and take down the enemies, besides the game also provides a special skill called Chain Skill, if successfully activating it, player can deal a great amount of damage to the enemies as well as safely switch the hero.