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Arc System Works now is taking pre-orders for KILL la KILL the GAME IF (North America version) via Amazon US at the price of $59.99 (tax excluded). This pre-order is physical disc/cartridge used for Playstation 4 /Switch console. The game will launch in North America on July 26th, 2019. Amazon US only offers shipping service for some specific countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, etc. making players who cannot directly purchase but still want this version have to use 3rd party shipping service. Other information especially regarding to Japan version can be read in previous post

1) The currency used by Amazon US is US Dollar, hence purchase with other currencies will lead to currency exchange fee charge
2) Amazon US may offer cheaper price thanks to sale off event
3) Amazon US does support both domestic (US) and international shipping, but they only ship to some specific countries. It’s possible to check if they can or cannot ship by choosing a country from the option “Deliver to (country name here)” showed above the quantity dropdown button
4) It’s possible to request a 3rd party shipping service to purchase these products as a representative, however the customer agrees that use of the service is at entirely customer’s own risk 5) The game is under development, therefore images and contents may vary in the final product

KILL la KILL the GAME IF will arrive in Japan (JP) on July 25th, 2019, while North America (NA) and Europe (EU) is on the following day July 26th. The game has been developed on Playstation 4 (Sony), Switch (Nintendo) consoles and PC via Steam service by APLUS. It then will be published by Arc System Works. In case of JP version, the game comes with two editions including Standard and Limited. Both are not available for sale yet, but estimated price for these editions are ¥6,800 (tax excluded) and ¥10,000 (tax excluded) respectively. All items in each edition are listed as below:

Standard Edition
1) x1 copy of the game
2) x1 artwork designed by SUSHIO
3) x1 “Fight Club Mako” acrylic key holder designed by MAGO (first print edition exclusive)

Limited Edition
1) x1 copy of the game
2) x1 collector’s box with cover designed by SUSHIO
3) x1 soundtrack CD
4) x1 art book
5) x1 “Mak-Roquette” squeeze toy
6) x1 “Fight Club Mako” acrylic key holder designed by MAGO (first print edition exclusive)

However, if preferring only a copy of the game or dislike physical disc/cartridge, download code will be sold separately at the price of ¥6,800 (tax included). Besides all characters listed in character roster of base game, two additional characters including Ultimate Double Naked DTR and Mako Mankanshoku will be published as FREE DLC. Detailed information about the game regarding to story, battle system, mode, etc. was introduced via a video published by Arc System Works official channel on YouTube (English subtitles available via CC).


1) The currency mentioned in this post is Japanese Yen
2) All the items listed in Standard and Limited Editions in this post are based on JP version, but NA and EU versions may come with different items or these editions may even not available in those regions
3) The game is under development, hence images and contents may vary in the final product


Arc System Works just revealed that BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition will start the service on February 7th, 2019 in Japan and North America, then the following day on February 8th it will start in Europe. The game is designed and will be publishedfor Switch (Nintendo) console by Arc System Works. The company offers both physical cartridge and digital license with estimated prices are ¥5,184/cartridge (tax included) and ¥4,800/license (tax included) respectively (※NOTE: This is Japanese Yen, the currency may change based on buyer’s region, plus some retailers may offer cheaper price). The game is considered as a complete edition of the last chaper in BLAZBLUE series – BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION (2016) because it comes with all of 2016 version released DLCs such as playable characters (ES, Mai, Susano’o and Jubei), color schemes, system voices, etc.. Furthermore, according to the information written on the official website, the game has both English and Japanese subtitles but only has Japanese audio, plus it doesn’t support cross-platform online mode.