Arc System Works now is taking pre-orders for KILL la KILL the GAME IF (North America version) via Amazon US at the price of $59.99 (tax excluded). This pre-order is physical disc/cartridge used for Playstation 4 /Switch console. The game will launch in North America on July 26th, 2019. Amazon US only offers shipping service for some specific countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, etc. making players who cannot directly purchase but still want this version have to use 3rd party shipping service. Other information especially regarding to Japan version can be read in previous post

1) The currency used by Amazon US is US Dollar, hence purchase with other currencies will lead to currency exchange fee charge
2) Amazon US may offer cheaper price thanks to sale off event
3) Amazon US does support both domestic (US) and international shipping, but they only ship to some specific countries. It’s possible to check if they can or cannot ship by choosing a country from the option “Deliver to (country name here)” showed above the quantity dropdown button
4) It’s possible to request a 3rd party shipping service to purchase these products as a representative, however the customer agrees that use of the service is at entirely customer’s own risk 5) The game is under development, therefore images and contents may vary in the final product