Extraordinary Ones just started the service on January 3rd, 2019 in Japan and Korea. The game is designed for Android and iOS platforms by NetEase Games. It has been published in China under the name 非人学园 (2018) by NetEase Games, while in Japan and Korea it has been published under the name 非人類学園 – Extraordinary Ones by X.D. Global. Both publishers didn’t reveal any plan regarding to global release yet, so if deciding to play, players need to choose either China client or Japan & Korea client. For China client, players have to download directly from its official website or via third-party app, and the language in game is Chinese. For Japan & Korea client, players can download via Japan/Korea Play Store or any third-party app that provides apk file, and the languages in game are Japanese and Korean, available in both text and audio. Both clients have been launched as free-to-play app with in-app purchases (price range: ¥120/item¥9,800/item, ※NOTE: This is Japanese Yen, the currency may change based on buyer’s region), take note that gacha system is also implemented just like other mobile games. The game follows moba genre, but besides 5v5 mode from traditional moba, it also provides other two additional modes including 1v1 and 6v6. In Japan & Korea client, some heroes and 6v6 mode weren’t showed out yet, they may be implemented in later days. Plus, it owns an anime-style art under 3D graphics with many fresh and bright color schemes based on school/academy theme. Furthermore, Onmyoji Arena players may like this game because both games are developed by NetEase Game so they share many similar points in combat system, however, Extraordinary Ones is featured with deeper stories, better graphics and has more unique mechanics.