Cygames now is taking pre-orders for Dragalia Lost’s dragon plushies via CyStore. There are five dragons in total including:

Midgardsormer (W11×D20×H25cm)
Brunhilda (W11×D18×H25cm)
Mercury (W11×D30×H20cm)
Jupiter (W13×D24.5×H22cm)
Zodiark (W11×D27.5×H23cm)

These plushies will be officially released in late June 2019 at the price of ¥3,240 (tax included). However, the distributor doesn’t offer international shipping service. As the result, non-Japan customers have to purchase these plushies via a 3rd party shipping service.

1) The currency used by Cygames is Japanese Yen, hence purchase with other currencies will lead to currency exchange fee charge
2) It’s possible to request a 3rd party shipping service to purchase these products as a representative, however the customer agrees that use of the service is at entirely customer’s own risk