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Nippon Ichi Software just revealed the release date for their new title in Disgaea series named Makai Wars Disgaea RPG on February 27th, 2019 in Nippon Ichi Software Livestream 33th. The game is designed for Android and iOS platforms by Nippon Ichi Software, and will be published by ForwardWorks. The publisher planned to release it in mid-March 2019 in Japan, but specific date isn’t declared. Plus, they also didn’t reveal any plan regarding to global release, so if deciding to play, players have to download via Japan Play Store or third-party app, plus the language in game is Japanese. Currently, players already can pre-register the game on its official website to receive newest information as well as pre-registration rewards. According to the information on the official website, it will be launched as free-to-play app with in-app purchases (estimated price range: ¥120/item¥9,800/item, ※NOTE: This is Japanese Yen, the currency may change based on buyer’s region), there is high chance that gacha system will be implemented just like other mobile games. The game follows strategy genre, tactical style and owns an anime-style under 3D graphics with all characters in game are featured in their chibi forms.

Nippon Ichi Software just revealed a brand new title called Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper as well as opened an official website for it. The game is designed and will be published for PlayStation 4 (Sony) and Switch (Nintendo) consoles by Nippon Ichi Software. The company planned to release it on April 25th, 2019 in Japan. They didn’t reveal any plan regarding to global release so the language in game may only have Japanese. The company offers both physical cartridge and digital license with the price is ¥7,538/copy (tax included) (※NOTE: This is Japanese Yen, the currency may change based on buyer’s region, plus some retailers may offer cheaper price). The game follows visual novel genre, adventure style with traditional crime and suspense theme, players can run into either good or evil route as “Detective” and “Murderer” roles are changed based on the choices, besides the main story, there are various sub stories where players can unlock if meeting some certain conditions, and the game also has some bad ends, however those are depicted in the chibi art style which helps players feel something unique when seeing them.