Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will launch worldwide in summer 2019, 505 Games reported as the publisher of the game. The trailer has been released on February 13rd, 2019 in Nintendo Direct. This title is designed for PlayStation 4 (Sony), Xbox One (Microsoft), Switch (Nintendo) consoles and PC via Steam by ArtPlay. The game has been started as a crowd-funded indie project on Kickstarter since May 2015 by Koji Igarashi, who is famous for his creation of Igavania-style game. Because it’s indie game so before players can get a physical disc/cartridge or digital license by pledging a certain amount of money via its Kickstarter page. However, they had already closed the backers so for those who didn’t back before, can pre-order for a physical disc/cartridge (※NOTE: There is no PC version) at $39.99 (tax included) via 505 Games’s Amazon page (※NOTE: This is US Dollar, the currency may change based on buyer’s region, plus the retailer may offer cheaper price). As for digital license, despite the game can be found on corresponding online store of each console (※NOTE: PC version is on Steam), players yet cannot pre-order it and the price is still staying undisclosed. The game follows action RPG genre with side-scrolling style, and it owns an anime-style art under 3D graphics.